UX / UI Designing

Visual Appeal is Everything

Tell me, what’s the first thing you notice when you open a magazine or newspaper? Images, of course right? Images capture attention and provoke you to read the headlines and most often, the entire article. Even a silly picture of a donkey can create perfect impression and helps you to remember the entire story behind the article more than the text.

Did you know our brain processes images faster than text? And it is proven that 90% of the time people would remember a text that has an image by its side. In the digital marketing world, images play an effective role. A lone image can develop positive impacts for a longer period. Any marketing campaign that has lucrative pictures draws more fans, readers, and finally, produce extensive client base.

Don’t You Want to Be a Part of This Magnanimous World?


Infographics is trending across the web and is used by many UI UX design companies for creative marketing and boosting brand awareness. Today every blog, every press release and every ad marketing campaign is powered by infographics.

Infographics are nothing but a bunch of researched data, figures, and images displayed imaginatively using graphs, charts, gifs, and other visual graphic elements. By doing so, your website will generate potential clients and attract social readers which will have direct impact on your brand responsiveness.

Fourcube is UX UI Design Company that helps you build your online presence through informative and invigorating infographics. Although, infographic creation is a lengthy and challenging process, the outcome is worth all your investment and attention.

Did You Know Infographics Can Increase Your Company Traffic Rate by 12%? What Are You Waiting For? Contact us today.

Web Banners

Web Banners are still a showstopper in the advertising world. Banners, especially the animated ones are used to generate clicks. But with so many challenging and competitive advertising techniques coming along, a UI Design Company will have to create better and more appealing banners.

There are so many parameters for building a sustaining web banner – run time, load time (slow if animated), not too intrusive yet attention grabbing and should be similar to your brand. Fourcube is a notable UI UX Design Agency with 7+ years of experience in designing and promoting web banners for our clients.

Social Media Covers

Social Media Covers are similar to the banners running (large and wide images) on top of websites. To customize any webpage, social media profile page or social networking site, you would need social media cover as one of the key elements.

They are great way to present brands and can be changed frequently. They are used to announce new product launch, discounts and special offers and promote new services. They need not be serious and straight faced: they could be funny, witty and eye catchy.

Fourcube is a specialized UX Design Agency that covers all intricate and detailed aspects of social media cover development.

UI, UX Features and More

Your Idea…Our Project

We do not work with templates and pre-made designs: Each designing process of Fourcube includes detailed consultation with client about brand goals, products, target viewers and budget to create a spectacular design.

We Make You Part of the Designing Process

Your satisfaction is our primary goal. At Fourcube, our graphic experts will involve you in the design process and seek your suggestions on various elements - colours, text, images, special characters, graphics etc.

Swift Deliverance of Projects

We aim to deliver our projects before the target date. Completion of a project is dependent upon the scope, size and complexity of the project. On an average, 7 days are taken to complete a normal design process.

We Have Experienced and Capable Hands

Fourcube’s team of project designers have a cumulative experience of more than 7+ years. They are continually trained with latest trends and developments in the digital world.

Nothing Less Than HD Quality

At Fourcube, we prepare graphic designs using the massive array of tools from Adobe Suite. Choose any format, we ensure to produce best in class graphic designs.

We Think Beyond Normalcy

There’s nothing ordinary at Fourcube: a horse grazing in the field is ordinary, but a unicorn munching on carrots is an extraordinary feat. We explore several out-of-the-box ideas before finalizing one for you.

The Process We Follow

Testing and Research

We delve deep inside the root cause of people’s motivation, their stimuli and their interest.

Development and More

And finally, we combine all three elements- wireframes, interface and our emotion to produce a dynamic UI UX rich design into life.

Build Foundation

Through our extensive research and accurate insights, we translate them into wireframes which befit the foundation for our design solutions.

Interface Design

By integrating ideas and technology we blend colours, graphics, and typography to create best design interface for our valued customers.

What we offer

Animated Logo Design

Animated graphics are swift and more informative than traditional logo designs. They can easily attract clients to your products and services.

  • We use Adobe After Effects, most advanced motion graphic development technology.
  • Designed by professional and certified graphic animators
  • Innovative and highly stimulating HD Animated Designs
  • Efficient, proactive and speedy project deliverance

Banner Design

Banners give instant boost to your ranking and generate considerable traffic. With a good banner conception, your website’s rate of conversion and clicks will also improve. Fourcube is an inventive UX Design Company that offers original, 100% bespoke and highly effective banner designs to our clients.

  • Webpage Header Designs
  • Mobile and Social Media Banners
  • Web Banner Advertisement Design
  • Create versatile designs in collaboration with brand management team
  • 100% original and proactive project delivery

Flyers Design

Although underrated, a flyer can be a monumental way to launch a start-up or new entrant in the market. They can give a boost to your business and add to your success story.

  • 100% Original and Customized Flyer Designs
  • Affordable
  • More than 1000 original concepts
  • Target Marketing Strategies

Logo Designing

Did you know a Brand Logo can impress your clients / customers more than your seller? It acts as the trademark of your business: however most of us underestimate its value. At Fourcube, we proffer unsurpassed and catchy logo designs.

  • Tailor-made designs that talk about your Brand
  • Simple, Engaging and Informative Logos
  • Clear concepts and uncluttered design ideas
  • Created with adhering to latest technological developments

Why Do You Need UI Design Company Like Fourcube?


If your application if not useful, customers will swiftly shift places. We ensure that our designs not only adhere to latest technological advances but are robust and efficient enough to engage users for long after they are accustomed to use them.


‘Versatile but not easy to understand’ is not what you want as a review. Our UI and UX designs are simpler and simplify complexities by increasing their learnability. Every time you acquaint with our designs, your path clears.


Our app designs will make sure that your users are empowered with latest and indispensable user experience. It will make them smarter and perkier.


Our comprehensive development process makes our app designs highly functional and robust. Thus, the cost of re-works is reduced significantly which brings positive effect on your overall investment.