Dedicated HTML Development

We provide dedicated development teams who are well versed with all the modern technologies

Hire HTML5 Developer Want to hire HTML5 experts for dedicated work on your project? CSSChopper, as a prominent and reliable IT solutions company from India, promises to offer quality assistance in your projects through our peerless outsourcing solutions. You can employ our talented and well-experienced HTML5 experts for your project to get quality results and performance at your disposal. Give us an opportunity and see the difference!

We offer a striking package that includes full-time, weekly and bucket hours TM support. Our packages starting with just 8 hours per day going up to 168 hours per month within the period of 21 working days. The weekly hiring consists of 40 hours within a week. In bucket hours, you will have flexibility of hiring for full one year. Based on your requirement, you can select the best hiring plan. We render different tools for project trackers such as Trello, BaseCamp, Daily reports, Jira, PMS, etc. These astonishing factors pull our company up to be counted as the perfect place to hire front-end developer.

If you want to hire dedicated front-end developer for your project, CSSChopper is the ultimate destination for you. We connect you with our top front-end programmers, who carry out development process with right pinch of tools and methodologies.

Diversified Talent

Cater to every complex requirement from your clients with our extended development team. Experienced and industry-ready developers with the required diversified skill set for all your project requirements.

Reduced Project Costs

A team that works exclusively on your projects and is selected keeping all your requirements in mind. With no operational, hiring, and administrative costs, your project costs less without compromising on quality.

Simple Hiring Process

No more communicating back and forth with hiring agencies or head hunters. Hire a development team that is put together to work on your project headed by a project manager; your single point of contact.

Rapid Scaling

Our development team is suitable to handle projects of every and any magnitude. Let our team do all the heavy lifting for your projects while you are out there making a name & reputation for your business.

Long-term Partnerships

All the projects, no matter how small or huge, we consider them as our own and all our clients as long-term partners. And we focus on quality, transparent communication, and on-time delivery to build long-term partnerships.

Transparent Communication

With daily task reporting and code-quality checks, we keep our clients up-to-date with the progress. This keeps any errors and ambiguity at bay assuring a healthy professional relationship with them.